Hello Internet!

Hello there, welcome to this here blog! My name is Tom, and this blog is meant to be a nice way to both disseminate some of my research, and pass on any useful technical knowledge. While I doubt you’ll be very interested in me, I’ve added a bio on the About Me page, so feel free to read that if you want a more in depth overview of who I am. In short, I’m a PhD student researching ways we can extract stories from peoples social media profiles, with previous experience as a software developer and an undergrad in Computer Science.

Hopefully this blog will be both useful and interesting to people and is aimed at fellow researchers, and developers a like. Besides blogging about my research, I’ll also be providing some, hopefully, useful overviews of any techniques I’ve picked up over the past 4 and a half years since I originally graduating. These might vary from posts on data extraction to using common frameworks like Spring, or build scripts such as Gradle. If I think something I’ve done is useful to the research and development community in general, I’ll probably write a blog post about it!

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