Extracting a Users Twitter Timeline Above the 3.2k Limit

Those familiar with the Twitter API know the annoyance of limits to number of tweets extracted being at 3,200. For most of us who don’t tweet that often, this isn’t an issue, but sometimes we might find we need to extract more tweets.

Following on from my previous post (many months I know, but I’ve been busy with PhD work), Twitters indexing upgrade actually gives us the opportunity to extract more tweets than this, if the users twitter feed is public.

Using the same methodology as previously stated, we can search all original tweets that a user has made using the query:


So for example, to extract all tweets I’ve ever created, you can use from:tomkdickinson.

However, the major restriction with this method is it does not include retweets. Even including the “include:retweets” parameter does not seem to change this.