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Ok, so what’s this blog all about? Well, it’s part platform to disseminate some of my research for my PhD, part platform to put up development posts. I like to think of myself as a hybrid engineer/researcher. Researching is great, but from past commercial experience, I like to make sure there’s a good chunk of decent engineering discipline in there as well (at least when I can be bothered).

Here’s a bit of background about me. Currently I am a PhD student at the Knowledge Media Institude (KMI) within the Open University. My thesis title is Telling Life Stories from Social Media Content, with the aim to try and automatically elicit stories about people, just from their social media content. A lot of this is currently aimed at event extraction, specifically personal events. Besides this, my research interests revolve around event extraction from social media, narrative generation, information retrieval, and machine learning.

In a previous life (which I may very well return to), I was a software developer, working mainly with web technologies, both front and back end. I have specific experience with Java (core, and spring framework), JavaScript (core, and frameworks like Angular, Backbone, and JQuery), CSS, and various build technologies (mostly Gradle, Maven, a bit of Ant, and a bit of Grunt). I worked on various different projects that varied from internal publishing systems to recommendation systems.

Outside of my work life, I am quite a big gamer, but also enjoy physical exertion in the form of running, cycling, swimming, and walking.



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