What’s this blog about? (e.g., why should you care)

This blog is all about efficient software development, clean architecture, and possibly a passing flirtation with machine learning.

Who Am I? (Not the Jackie Chan Film)

Let me introduce myself, “Hi, I’m Tom!”.

Let me tell you about my supposed “professional background”.

After I finished by Computer Science degree at Newcastle University back in 2010, I moved down to London and worked there for three years as a software developer. Most of my time was spent learning how not to write software the hard way, unfortunately a pretty typical experience for a lot of developers.

After getting disillusioned with the big city (mostly the commuting…), I ended up doing a PhD in Data Science full time at the Open University, however it soon became apparent to me that I was not interested in an academic career, and yearned to dive back into writing software. Clearly a move was required, and decided to return to Newcastle, where I am currently working as a senior software developer, attempting to finish my PhD part time.