What is this site?

My name is Tom, and this is my personal blog on all things software engineering, data science, and machine learning. By day, I'm currently a Senior Software Engineer at a headless e-commerce company building Go microservices for the cloud, while by evening I delve into personal projects around deep learning. I also have a PhD in Computer Science

My Background

Way back in 2010 I graduated from Newcastle University with a 2.1 BSc Hons in Computer Science. For the next three years, I pottered about London as a software developer working first in the gambling industry, then as a technical consultant for a large software company, and finally as a software developer for a small consultancy.

However, I eventually tired of the London scene and wanted to challenge myself, so decided to do a PhD at the Open University. What started out as something looking at narrative on social media, quickly pivoted into a machine learning classification problem to identify personal life events on social media. This predominantly focused on a form of feature extraction from semantic and syntactic graphs using frequent subgraph mining. If this short summary makes zero sense to you, feel free to check out my thesis.

After my three year stipend was used up, I opted to go back into industry as a software developer while writing up my thesis in what little spare time I had. This resulted in a move back up to Newcastle, where I have worked for companies in the pharmacutical, housing, and most recently e-commerce domain. For the past two years, I have been focusing on building cloud native microservice architectures, with a heavy emphasis on testing, reliability, and code maintainability.

For my most recent up to date experience, I suggest you check out my LinkedIn Profile.

My Interests

My current up to date interests involve scalability of software, not just from a performance aspect, but also a development aspect. There's no point in writing software that is extremely performant, which only a handful of developers can contribute to.

Since I've had a little break from my PhD, I've recently gotten back into Machine Learning, specifically the applications of deep learning. Right now I'm looking into areas of Computer Vision, and am on a personal quest to upscale all my old DVDs to 4k.